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Exciting News from Precision Assembly Technologies: Empowering the Revolutionary FlySense Vape Detection System!

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Precision Assembly Technologies is proud to announce our integral role in the development of the groundbreaking FlySense vape detection system by Soter Technologies. With our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in precision assembly, we have been instrumental in bringing this innovative solution to life. 🛠️💪

The FlySense, designed by the visionary Derek Peterson of Soter Technologies, represents a significant leap forward in safety and security. As the world’s first vape detection system, it addresses the critical issues of vaping and bullying in schools. Peterson, driven by personal experiences of being bullied, was determined to make a difference. “I understand the pain of being bullied and wanted to take action,” shared Peterson. The device intelligently detects the frequency of the human voice, making it an invaluable tool for creating safer school environments.

The FlySense system has gained remarkable traction among school districts worldwide, and we are delighted to play a significant role in this global phenomenon. Soter Technologies has successfully shipped their products to every state in the US and 23 countries, making the FlySense a hot device for educational institutions around the globe. The growing demand for innovative solutions that promote a safe and secure environment underscores the importance of Precision Assembly Technologies’ contribution to this groundbreaking project.

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