Precision Assembly Technologies Services

  • What is the smallest quantity PCB assembly job you will take?

    We take jobs starting with 1 piece prototype through 10,000 + pieces production run. Even though we prefer to use our high-speed automated equipment for prototype and small volume PCB assembly, we can work with parts received in bulk and cut tape form also.

  • Who do I contact with a Request for Quote (RFQ)?

    Please contact Sales at (631) 699-9400 or email us

  • Do you offer turnkey services where you buy all parts, PCBs, enclosures etc and ship completed products?

    Yes, a good portion of our business is full turnkey.

    • A Gerber file
    • A parts list/BOM with manufacturers name and part numbers
    • All drawings including top level
    • Any testing procedures or special processes (environmental, conformal coating, etc.)
    • Quantity you want us to quote
    • Desired delivery date(s)

    Please e-mail us for more information

    • Enclosure fabrication file (if applicable)
    • A contact name, telephone number and e-mail address
  • What do you need from me to quote such a job?
    • An Assembly Drawing
    • A Parts List/BOM (let us know if, and how many BGA, QFN, CSP on the list)
    • Quantity you want us to quote
    • New Design/PCB Layout
    • Lead Time

    Please e-mail us for more information

  • ToggleFor consigned jobs where I provide parts and PCBs, what do you need from me to quote such a job?
    • An Assembly Drawing
    • A Parts List/BOM (let us know if, and how many BGA, QFN, CSP on the list)
    • Quantity you want us to quote
    • New Design/PCB Layout
    • Lead Time

    Please e-mail us for more information

  • Once I have the consignment kit ready, what should I do?

    Please ensure that all parts are bagged and tagged separately with either a part number or description or reference designators that matches with the BOM

    Enclose a hard copy of the BOM and a drawing with reference designators

    Enclose in the box: contact name, telephone number, ‘shipping to’ address, carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, etc) name, carrier account number, if you have (if not, we will use ours and invoice you) and reference a P.A.T. quote number (Very Important)

    Ship kit to
    Precision Assembly Technologies
    160 Wilbur Place, Bohemia, New York 11716
    Attn: Parts for (your company name here)
    E-Mail Us Gerber file and BOM, at least 24 hours before shipping kit, so we can book the job, order the stencil and prepare assembly instructions
  • If I want a first article (1-2 pieces) submitted to me for testing prior to P.A.T. shipping the balance of the order, what should I do?

    If you want a ‘first article’ of your product shipped to you prior to completing the order, please let us know that when you request for a quote. We will then quote the first article separately from the balance of the order.

  • What information do I need to give P.A.T. if I am interested in PCBA service?
    • Bill of Materials
    • Gerber file (where applicable)
    • List of Materials to be Consigned (where applicable)
    • Testing Specifications & Procedure (where applicable)
    • Quantity Requirements
    • Mockups or Prototypes (where applicable)
    • Special quality specification (where applicable)
    • Delivery dates
  • Why is using P.A.T. as my contract manufacturing beneficial to my business?

    There are many reasons why Contract Manufacturing is beneficial to an OEM business, here’s a list of just a few:

    • OEM’s can focus on their core competency of sales, marketing and designing
    • OEM’s can rid themselves of overhead costs associated with idle equipment, floor space, depreciation of capital equipment and labor costs
    • OEM’s can focus on designing with latest technologies without the cost of upgrading capital equipment for the manufacturer of their products.
    • OEM’s can minimize their infrastructures by ridding themselves of running manufacturing and test operations within their business.
  • Can you help me design my product?

    Absolutely. P.A.T. can provide engineering support from initial concept to final drawings. And because our engineers work closely with our procurement team we can optimize your design for maximum production efficiency, saving you time and money.

  • What products are good for you to manufacture and what is your minimum order?

    Our facility is structured to manufacture electronic products that are typically printed circuit board (PCB) assembly based. The products may be just PCB assemblies to fulfill OEM requirements or they may involve higher level turnkey assembly and processes. Turnkey assemblies may include chassis or box builds of metals or plastics, machined or molded components, and may integrate control panels, wiring assemblies, LED’s, wired and wireless capabilities, Harness Assembly and Cable Assembly.  We can provide turnkey solutions from concept to production and packaging, from first articles, prototypes to production.

  • What markets does P.A.T. support?

    Precision Assembly Technologies (P.A.T.) is an electronics manufacturing services provider for the following sectors including:

    • Aerospace
    • Defense
    • Medical Device
    • Communication
    • Robotics
    • Transportation
    • Energy and Scientific Instrumentation
  • My business is a small start up, how can P.A.T. help?

    P.A.T. is the perfect choice for a start up business that has the need to partner with a highly qualified, certified and experienced contract manufacturer to bring their product from concept to first article through to production. P.A.T.’s expertise continues with the flexibility to work closely as engineering design changes and product modifications often occur through testing and post product release. By being a turnkey outsource solution you can focus on your core competencies of marketing and sales, while P.A.T. is supports your product fulfillment and remains transparent to your customers.

  • Do you work with NDA's (non disclosure agreements)?

    Yes. P.A.T. is called upon to be a partner for a wide range of manufacturing applications where confidentiality is required.

  • What certifications does P.A.T. have?

    P.A.T. is ITAR compliant

    P.A.T. is registered with the US Federal Central Contract Registration

    P.A.T. has filed with ORCA and has received proper it’s CAGE Code: 1WFH8 

  • What does P.A.T. do to prevent counterfeit parts being used in my project?

    As a part of our AS9100 quality management system P.A.T. proactively works to minimize the risk of counterfeit components by assuring all parts are procured directly from the OEM or their approved vendor list (AVL)of distributors. Early stage involvement by Component Engineering assures initial BOM’s and AVL’s are optimally established to identify genuine franchised distributors and enhance supply chain availability options. Inevitably there will be situations where deviation from approved supply chain sources is required to procure a specific component from the secondary market. In such cases our customer will be notified for pre-approval and to establish the inspection/test parameters for that specific case.

  • My business is not near New York. Who can I contact to discuss my project?

    You can always P.A.T. directly or contact one of our area representatives

    Precision Assembly Technologies, Inc.
    160 Wilbur Place, Suite 400Bohemia, NY 11716-2429
    Phone: 281.900.1864
    Email Us

  • Will P.A.T. offer me a facility tour?


Exterior photo of PAT building