SMT/Through Hole Assembly

Precision Assembly Technologies offers SMT CCA assembly services with AS9100 certified approved processes for placing simple to complex SMT devices, including TSSOPs, Micro BGAs, QFNs, and LGAs.

Our SMT department is overseen by an electrical engineer with over 20 years of SMT experience. This allows P.A.T. to evaluate the specific assembly required for each individual board, understand deeply its requirements and functions, and make sure all are met. This includes complete thermal profiling of each PCB prior to being placed into a reflow. This guarantees reliable and repeatable reflow, as well as protecting PCBs and components from overheating. Our SMT lines are built around our modern MyData/Micronic pick and place machines to ensure accurate placement and a quality product.

Our off-line setup process in conjunction with our in-house stock of magazines and feeders allows us to assign machine assets to multiple jobs at the same time. That allows P.A.T. to quickly break into a long production run to support customers with quick turn requirements with accurate and controlled processes.

In addition to SMT assembly, manual assembly of leaded components as well as SMT components is completed by certified and qualified technicians in our facility. With these capabilities, P.A.T. is a viable source for mixed component assemblies for any application.

Our AS9100 approved wave soldering, and conformal coating processes complete the package of CCA assembly that is completed in-house at P.A.T. to satisfy any circuit card assembly requirement.

P.A.T. Equipment to support high-quality manufacturing:

  • MPM stencil screen printing
  • MYDATA MY12 Pick and Place machine
  • MYDATA MY15 Pick and Place machine. Extra-wide table for backplanes and large boards
  • MYDATA MY15 Pick and Place machine.
  • 2 HELLER 1707 MK5 Reflow ovens.
  • NEW EQUIPMENT SEHO Wave Solder. For Through Hole assembly. NEW EQUIPMENT!
  • NEW EQUIPMENT SEHO Selective Solder machine. For Through Hole assembly. NEW EQUIPMENT!
SMT/Through Hole Assembly