Turnkey Solutions

Our Turnkey Solutions include electronics manufacturing services from designing as well as prototyping to assembly and testing. Choosing P.A.T., OEM’s can benefit from access to discounted materials, reduced product cycle time, and shorter material lead time.

We are electronically linked with our key suppliers and their inventories. This automated supply chain eliminates repetitive purchasing tasks, errors in optimizing, receiving,  and inspection functions. Components for PCB fabrication are purchased from approved vendor companies.

We also have the capability to manage our customers’ consigned inventories as well as customized components. Our computerized inventory management program allows us to provide both shortage and inventory reports on a regular basis. Materials are stored in a secured humidity safe facility after 100% verification of the client’s BOM

Procurement/Inventory Management

  • Vendor Control
    • Maintain approved vendor list with ratings
    • Utilizes ASL (Precision Assembly Technologies (P.A.T.) and Customers)
  • PC/MRP
    • Software that controls inventory database. Full MRP analysis, and warehouse management.
    • “Can build” analysis reports
    • Inventory Allocation
  • Receiving Inspection
    • All materials purchased are filtered through stringent AS9100 processes and procedures
  • Kitting
    • Inventory control and allocation procedure
    • Stock allocation reports
    • Update live inventory quantities to reflect inventory allocation
    • Shortages will be detailed on the report and a work order will not be accepted to ship unless the shortage is either allocated as a ‘make-up’ shortage to the floor or is noted as a customer acceptable shortage.
Turnkey Solutions