Functional Test/ESS Screening/3D X-Ray

Functional testing of components or assemblies is of importance to demonstrate their ability to meet the design requirements set forth by the customer. Functional testing, unlike environmental testing, demonstrates the functionality of the equipment by subjecting it to various customers’ specified cycles of operation under different loading conditions and at all its operating modes. The goals include optimization of design after equipment testing, check of operating parameters, and calibration.

P.A.T. offers detailed functional testing utilizing high-level test technicians and calibrated equipment. We also can utilize our customers’ equipment and test set-ups.

Test Engineering / Test Development

P.A.T.’s functional test group has designed test stations and test specifications for per our customers’ requirements. Our test engineering group ensures that quality requirements are met through a wide range of problem-solving techniques. Together, PAT engineers work to embed Design for Test thinking to minimize capital and resource investment for mass manufacturing.

P.A.T. Utilizes a variety of test platforms including:

  • Functional test development
  • PCBA functional testing
  • Simple to fully automated testing of PCBA and finished products
  • Testing of High Voltage devices.
  • Full Turnkey In-Circuit Test development
  • Flying Probe Test
  • System Verification Test
  • Functional Verification Test
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Automated X-ray Inspection and real-time x-ray analysis
  • Development and utilization of automated and semi-automated test solutions
  • Design and assemble test stations and fixtures.
  • Reverse engineer test systems
  • Management of third-party test developers and fixture suppliers
  • Integration of customer-supplied test platforms for volume production

Environmental Stress Screening

P.A.T. conducts a series of functional tests and environmental stress screening (ESS) as part of our PCB assembly and rework services. To screen out design faults and defective assemblies, we perform ESS during assembly development as well as manufacturing. Functional testing, including thermal cycling and vibration testing, is carried out prior to, during, and after ESS processes to verify design tolerances. An inventory of automated optical and 3D X-ray inspection equipment is maintained to check component placement, alignment, plus soldering in assemblies.

Our ESS process applies a wide range of stresses, including thermal shock, temperature, and vibration to evaluate product reliability in an assembly. The test results indicate the susceptible points in a system and help in improving the product design. A complete report is generated, which contains the failures identified, their root cause, and corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence.

P.A.T. Tests for environmental and performance robustness using the following test methods:

  • Burn-in
  • Powered Burn-in
  • Temperature Cycle
  • Mechanical Vibration
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) processes to uncover latent failures and guide DFM/DFT processes

3D X-Ray Services

  • Flexible cost-effective and high-resolution X-Ray inspection system
  • 100% inspection of BGA, LGA, and QFN
  • Inspection of PCB solder connections
  • View multi-layer PCB
  • Fully automated inspection
  • High magnification at many angles
  • 16-Bit resolution
  • Computer Tomography (CT) ready
  • Micro assembly inspection
  • Full void analysis reports
Functional Test/ESS Screening/3D X-Ray