About Precision Assembly Technologies

In choosing Precision Assembly Technologies (P.A.T.) as your outsource manufacturing partner you will have access to the exceptional capabilities of a world-class contract manufacturing company. P.A.T.’s commitment to on time delivery, continuous improvement, and consistently high quality is designed to give our customers a competitive edge which will ensure continued success and in doing so exceed their expectations.

  • Committed to Quality: World class manufacturing, process, product quality and on time delivery. ­(AS9100 / ISO 9001:2015 / IPC 610/620 / JSTD-001and JSTD-001SPACE 
  • You Can Focus on Your Core Competencies: You can rely on P.A.T. to handle all aspects of your projects. P.A.T. provides full turnkey project management able to handle all aspects of product fulfillment from layout, component procurement, fabrication, assembly, conformal coating, testing and packaging so you can focus on your core competencies like research & development, system integration and sales & marketing.
  • Cost Reduction: This is a highly important benefit of your long-term relationship with us. After learning your specific needs and product performance, we will strive to meet your expenses and cost reduction targets. This may be achieved by applying lean manufacturing processes to lower costs over time, by leveraging our extensive procurement network, or by our reengineering or designing services within your acceptable parameters.
  • Saving You Time: P.A.T.’s resources help get your project from concept to market quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we save your time transition from one phase of a project to another. For instance, from layout-to-fab, fab-to-assembly, parts procurement-to-assembly. We are capable of handling everything in one streamlined process, all services under one roof, so you get the benefit of working with us by one timeline versus 3 or 4 companies and 3 or 4 timelines. P.A.T. moves with you as projects and programs typically experience modifications and improvements.
  • DFM & DFT Experts: Because we handle all program aspects under one roof, we always have comprehensive expertise in aspects of DFM (Design for Manufacture) & DFT (Design for Test). Flexibility and Scalability: We react quickly to your changing needs. P.A.T. moves with you as projects and programs typically experience modifications, improvements, quantity, or delivery changes. Our working time and style are flexible to meet your variable needs. To us, your requirements are our guidelines and rules to follow.

In Summary

Outsourcing your electronics manufacturing requirements to Precision Assembly Technologies can help you to secure a competitive advantage in challenging global markets. Whether you need to save or reduce manufacturing costs, avoid capital equipment investment, improve time to market, supplement current capacity for demand surges, obtain technical expertise and design assistance or simply to improve product quality, we are ready to provide you with the next level of customer service and manufacturing support you need for your success.

Exterior photo of PAT building
P.A.T. Production Floor P.A.T. Production Floor