BGA/LGA Assembly

We specialize in BGA/LGA assembly, rework , reballing, and replacement services for all types of PCB designs. Defects due to under-etching or ineffective thermal profiles in BGA assemblies are rectified using computer-controlled heating sources reaching the effected part using heating devices on both the top and bottom side of the board. P.A.T. uses specific thermal profiling on the part being reworked while the rest of the board is isolated to protect reliability and functionality of the CCA. Precision Assembly Technologies (P.A.T.) utilized an A.P.E. Sniper – BGA rework system dedicated to perform BGA/LGA rework.

To confirm correct placement and solder ability of each connection P.A.T. utilizes MIRTEX Automated Optical Inspection equipment as well as a modern Nikon XT V-160 3D X-Ray Inspection System which adds additional quality inspection capability and product reliability assurance. Using this equipment P.A.T. completes 100% XRAY checks of all BGAs and LGAs which are made available to our customers.

XRAY services are available to help customers get a better look at devices they feel are failing the circuit before spending countless hours troubleshooting issues. Our certified technicians and advanced equipment allow P.A.T. to offer failure analysis and complete the service by offering rework and replacement serves for such devices.