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P.A.T. Utilizes MYpro series 300LX

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Early 2020 P.A.T purchased an MYpro series 300Lx. Since P.A.T. purchased the Mypro series 300lc has provided P.A.T. with the resources needed to produce higher volumes per client’s needs. One of the benefits of using the MYpro series 300Lx, is that it has a 40% larger space productivity in a smaller machine footprint than the past models that will allow you to transition from high volume production to small test or prototype batches. A single operator can maintain continuous production under all circumstances. The MY300LX has an operator-friendly design, that helps users operate and maintain the machine a lot smoother without any type of access issues of any type. With the dynamic feeder position and the machine’s compact design, you can upload up to 224 intelligent feeders that can be accommodated from the smallest to the largest PCB body style. The next-gen precision on the MYpro 300LX combines the rigid frames and advance mounted technology which adds an improved line scan vision system that takes accuracy and, quality to the next generation, that gives P.A.T the performance to take on any volume of production that’s required.

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