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Why P.A.T. Uses SEHO Selective Solder

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At the beginning of 2021, Precision Assembly Technologies decided to make a voluntary change to improve the efficiency of our board-making process by switching to SEHO Selective Solder. Selective Soldering is a more efficient method to hand soldering, it is said to be faster and “consumes less solder than traditional wave soldering” (indium). The pros of selective soldering have proven to be true within our process. Selective Soldering promotes repeatability within our process, allowing our boards to return with fewer defects, whether it is through-hole or SMT. This one effect of switching to selective soldering has a tremendously positive effect on our company. With decreased defects at the hands of selective soldering, that leads our process to be completed in a timelier manner and be more cost-efficient. Overall the effects produced by SEHO Selective Soldering were very positive and positions P.A.T to increase our volume output drastically.

SEHO Selective Solder (In-House)

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