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Why Does P.A.T. Use Mirtec AOI Systems?

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“The cores of machine vision inspection devices lie in the optical system for precise measurement and the software for data interpretation. With excellent optical technology and the know-how from a long period of development and operation, Mirtec has completed optical inspection solutions without blind spots. Mirtec’s AOI, equipped with the best performing camera in the world as well as projector and lighting system, combines precise measurement, clear image, and advanced analysis algorithms to create the best inspection environment. 

Further, the integrated solution, which combines 3D, 2D, and lateral inspection, minimizes the false call rate and improves productivity. Mirtec’s AOI software is designed to be user-friendly. without any complicated steps, users can complete the programming with only a few clicks. Equipped with Auto Fine Tuning which automatically finds the most suitable parameters for inspections, the AOI solution delivers the best performances without being affected by the user’s proficiency. Mirtec’s OMNI VISION® inspection technology utilizes a multi-patterned Moire 3D projector to precisely measure the position and shape of parts and solder. By securing reliable precision and repeatability with the company’s high-performance optical system, Mirtec inspection devices can deliver reliable inspection results in any environment.2D inspection not only uses shape and position but also various information such as color and text, which makes it a suitable method for a variety of inspections. However, plane information has its limits in height-related defects detection performance. Mirtec’s MULTI VISION inspection technology uses a high-resolution center camera and angled cameras simultaneously to examine multiple surfaces of a subject. The technology enables to easily detect defects, difficult to be detected even with 3D technology, such as J-Lead, No-Lead, bottom solder of coil type parts. Camera specifications are a key determinant of AOI performances. Equipped with the most precise and finest resolution lenses, Mirtec’s inspection devices can detect the micro defects from the image from center and angled inspection. Additionally, provide solutions for various components and inspection items by applying 8 phase coaxial color lighting for reflective components(CSP, etc.) or micro-cracks in chip parts. Mirtec’s AOI realizes high-speed and high-precision inspection through a high-resolution camera’s wide FOV, CoaXpress high-speed image transmission standard, and data processing using server-grade computers. Moreover, the linear drive motor system is adopted as a powertrain, which can secure the repeatability required for the post-process for semiconductors.” 

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