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Electronic Manufacturing Q&A: An interview with P.A.T. Founder and CEO Russell Gulotta

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What is the most rewarding part of working in electronic manufacturing?

The most rewarding aspect of electronic manufacturing is the constant challenge to stay aligned with new growing diverse technologies. To stay in the forefront of the electronic manufacturing industry, it is essential to understand that our customers want to provide the highest level of technology, and therefore it is our obligation to provide crucial feedback to support this effort.

In your opinion, what challenges are manufactures faced within the industry now?

Specifically, in the electronics manufacturing industry, our biggest concern today is in the electronic component supply chain. Material lead times have grown substantially as well as early obsolescence. Quoting electronic materials has become a moving target with constant shifts in lead times, which creates delays in deliveries to our customers and difficulties in planning internal capacity objectives.  

How is P.A.T. overcoming those obstacles for customers?

Material availability has become a huge obstacle in supporting our customers, However, P.A.T. has taken a very aggressive strategy in working with our customers to minimize lead time quandaries. With our staff of electrical engineers, P.A.T. often offers our customers recommended substitute components that are available in the supply chain. Once customer approvals are obtained for substitute material, P.A.T. can secure material and cut lead times.

How does P.A.T.’s quoting and P.O. differ from other manufacturers? What makes P.A.T. stand out?

P.A.T. has developed a “quick quote response team” that works specifically to provide our customers with detailed quotes mostly within 5 business days of the initial quote request. We assign a sales administrator to work closely with our customers to align questions and quick responses during the quoting, stage maximizing quote turnaround times.

How are you keeping the company customer-focused and not sales-driven?

P.A.T. Takes pride in the experiences that we have with our customers. From Sales, Program Management, Engineering, and Production, we work closely with our customers to provide seamless communication resulting in a pure customer focus strategy. Our team takes the time to understand each customer’s culture and works diligently to achieve all goals.

What, in your opinion, are the main operational differences pre-and post- COVID-19?

COVID-19 by far has been the most challenging aspect of life, and family. Once the pandemic struck back in March of 2020, our priority was making certain that our employees and their families were safe, healthy, and well-informed.  We re-organized our production factory layout to provide safe working stations as well as safe distancing. We established home office connectivity for all employees not essential to be at our facility. As we are finally coming out of this pandemic, P.A.T. will always employ strong safety precautions at our facility.

How does P.A.T. give back?

P.A.T. is very involved in the community. We volunteer a large amount of time working with children. We are involved in donating educational toys and games to local schools, and we provide sponsorship support for local soccer leagues. We also donate to various charities, mainly St. Jude’s Children’s hospital, the Police and Fire Fighters’ associations, and various organizations related to finding a cure for Autism. Each holiday season we choose a family in need and provide them with holiday gifts and food so they can give thanks and enjoy the holidays.

What are the ways P.A.T. cuts down on its ecological and carbon impact?

All our scrap and broken boards are environmentally recycled using third-party companies. This company evaporated all lead and gold particulates to prevent them from entering the environment. Our cleaning process is a closed-loop water filtration system for our acquis cleaner. Any chemicals that we use in-house are disposed of properly according to the EPA guidelines 2021.  

Why did you start P.A.T.?

I started P.A.T. in 2001 because it was important to my wife Joann and I to help provide jobs and industry for people on Long Island. After having my two sons I wanted to also give them an opportunity to work in electronics manufacturing. After 20 years of hard work, P.A.T. is looking forward to the future and continuing to build rewarding careers!

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